Photo: Ben Corda 

AB Chao's Life List

Compete in a darts tournament
Buy and renovate a beach house on the Gulf Coast
Give a dramatic reading
Spend a day on a shrimp boat
Have a chef cook a 7-course meal for me and a crowd
Learn and perform the "Thriller" dance
Run the New York marathon before age 40
Decorate a room with Jonathan Adler
Tour the Tamale Trail
Do a back flip on an in-ground trampoline
Sing a Kenny Rogers duet at Kajun Pub in NOLA
Attend a Super Bowl
Have a photography show
Speak really good French and/or Spanish
Smoke pot in Amsterdam
Make the cover of a magazine
Eat a rice burger in Taipei
Have bespoke clothing made in Singapore
Quit my job
Own a vintage Danish light
Eat at the French Laundry
Eat at Alinea
Eat at Cochon
Live in New Orleans
Have bedding designed for me by Leontine Linens
Host a crawfish boil
Adopt a Great Dane
Take a month's vacation to Italy
Run a race in Hawaii
Tulips in Holland
Take a French cooking class
Take an adult gymnastics class
Enroll in a hairstyling course at the Aveda Institute
Watch Madeleine graduate from college
Have a portrait of Madeleine painted
Have Rachel Devine take Madeleine's senior portraits
Own a Sharon Montrose print
Learn how to sew piping
Consolidate my website
Go tubing on the Guadalupe with beer and dogs
Host a monochromatic party
Fish for flounder with spears
Master the fried chicken dinner
Watch the Knicks play in Madison Square Garden next to Spike Lee
Host a charity ball
Sponsor someone's education
Go on a night picnic
Take Madeleine to Europe
Take 1000 Polaroids
Own a store with a giant coffee machine
Make perfect French Bread
Take the LSAT for fun
Guide a po-boy tour of New Orleans
Watch every Academy Awards Best Picture winner
Lead a style session at a conference
Introduce a non-native Louisianian to the Lucky Dog
Perform my version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" with The Damn Millionaires
Watch the bulls run in Spain
Hang out with Oprah
See Lucinda Williams in Dallas with Allison (again)
Attend a yoga class with Steve Ross in LA
Become a member of the mile-high club
Grow tomatoes successfully
Take my dog to an agility class
Grow my hair to ponytail length
Rent a flat in Buenos Aires
Become a decorator

Know Los Angeles like the back of my hand
Tell the story of Velma
Own a silver Mercedes
Explain the significance of the silver Mercedes
Take the Dead Daddies Club on a spa vacation
Tour all of Martha Stewart's kitchens
Design furniture with my friend George
Ice skate with Johnny Weir
Learn to ice skate
Take someone for a run on the levee
Go to a Holi celebration in India
Own a killer handbag
Do a front double-full off a diving board
Take a group to Aron's Pharmacy for burgers
Complete my set of silver/crystal
Assist in a makeup between estranged friends
Plant spring bulbs in the fall
Learn to cook the perfect pot of rice
Eat macarons from Laduree in Paris
Teach someone to make Barbecue Shrimp
Teach someone to make pimiento cheese
Teach someone to make gumbo
Surprise someone with a re-decorated room
Win an adult spelling bee
Learn to snowboard
Research a family tree
Learn to use 100 new words
Invent a life-changing app
Attend the Masters when Tiger is playing
Live in a house with a room dedicated to my closet
Have my own design product line
Hire a decorator to decorate my own space
Get an Amanda Wachob tattoo