Photo by Ben Corda

AB Chao is a writer, decorator, and interior stylist. Her real name is Anna Beth, but only a few people call her that. AB currently lives a bi-coastal lifestyle in New Orleans and Los Angeles.

AB's work has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Anthology Magazine, Bon Appetit, Apartment Therapy, Etsy, eBay's The Inside Source, Television Without Pity, various design blogs, and on your television in 2008, during which time she co-wrote an exciting episode of ABC drama Eli Stone. She has been blogging since 2001, which means she is old.

In 2012, AB launched AB Chao Design Camp, a super-fun two-day decorating workshop, created for design lovers, extreme DIYers, and everyone in between. Learn more about Design Camp here.

Likes: Shrimp po-boys, clean counters, monogrammed items, strong coffee, buttered popcorn, high-gloss paint, the Saints, Drew Brees, big dogs, running fast, the levee, half-marathons, funny tricks, pressed linens, straight lines, NBA basketball, Latrell Sprewell, beat-up cars, tree-lined neighborhoods, singing into microphones, teenage slang, and being Southern. Her most favorite things in the world include her grandmother's gumbo, sunflower seeds, crawfish season, Greg Berlanti, and the city of New Orleans.

Dislikes: Eggs, food noises, snoring, subdural hematomas, leftovers, tiny furniture, too much eyeliner, faux finishes, people named Kobe, hypochondriacs, mean neighbors, cubicles, reindeer games, people who are against the serial comma, and cheap wine. She is still undecided on aioli.